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At Wire Mesh Expert Hebei China, we have extensive experience in export and manufacturing marketing. For years, we have been dealing in wire mesh designing, welded mesh fence application development services,galvanized wire development, made management, Production Process optimization, and marketing. Our success rides have always focused on result- oriented services that are directly tailored to the specific needs of clients.


we mainly produces stainless steel wire mesh(plain, twill and dutch weave) and stainless steel wire netting, stainless steel wire, brass wire mesh, iron wire mesh, welded wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, wire mesh fencings, crimped wire mesh, razor wire, pvc coated wire and galvanized iron wire. it is an affiliate of hebei wire mesh co., ltd., one of the top manufacturer and exporter for the u.s.a. market and other parts of the world.

in a simple language, most of the businesses these days require a set of services to run their online marketing business successfully. with this is a consideration, every element of our services are focused on improving your specific needs. our success is a result of teamwork that is built on technical expertise, experience, and creative style.

we have a team of experienced sales team and researchers, who are willing to spend extra hours on understanding and helping you with your request. all the possible steps will be taken into account to offer wire mesh and wire fence marketing solutions to the clients.

Our History

to see our history and how we got to be who we are today. Hebei Industrial Wire Mesh Co. is engaged in producing a wide range of wire mesh for various industrial applications, founded in 1992, with its products exported to the USA, Japan and other countries of the world.

Our Vision

Our mission and vision are clear and concise, based on wire mesh ,wire fence and galvanized wire development techniques, produce more and better products,respond to customer needs in all areas.we strive to set up a new industry standard, and at some level, we have even succeeded in it. At wire fence products Expert, we rely on our ethical values and positive attitude to carry on the work.

Our Mission

At Hebei Industrial Wire Mesh Co. , we understand the problems faced in setting up an wire mesh business, and we are always here to take care of your problems. Our mission is to deliver a cost-effective solution to our clients from across the world. We will work you into getting more innovative, efficient, and productive in all aspects of the business.

Our portfolio is overflowing with customers who have used our marketing, designing and  services. As an wire mesh company in china, our  team is backed by extensive knowledge to deliver you the reliable services. Our global connection is meant to keep you forefront with the technological developments.

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