Diamond Expanded Metal

Expanded Metal Square Mesh or Diamond Mesh is a kind of flattened metal panel mesh used as an alternative to welded mesh in fencing uses. It can replace woven wire mesh used as filtering screen with uniform holes and rigid sheet structure. Diamond mesh sheet is widely used in fencing, filtering and decoration. Also called Rhombic opening mesh. It is a kind of standard sheet mesh compared with heavy type raised metal sheets.
Wide range of opening sizes available – from 1mm square up to 50mm square.
Made to order sheet sizes and cut to size shapes can be arranged on request.
A variety of surface treatment: coated, hot dipped galvanized, polyester powder coated, etc.
Square mesh or diamond mesh expanded sheet can be used as a cost effective and aesthetic alternative to welded meshes.
Decorative but functional.
High strength to weight ratio.

Diamond Expanded Metal is made of high quality low-carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum foil, lead, nickel plate, galvanized sheet metal panels and other materials It is processed with a large steel mesh stretching machine through stamping to form a diamond-shaped metal mesh holes surface.
Zinc Plated Galvanized Expanded Mesh with Diamond Holes for Guarding Fence

Material: iron wire, stainless steel material available too
Thickness :0.3mm - 8.0mm
Width: 8.0cm - 250cm
Hole: 1 x 2mm- 100 x 200mm

Benefits: Diamond Expanded Metal has smooth surface, durable, slip resistant, nice features.

The diamond-shaped steel mesh surface treatment: spray anti-rust epoxy coating, electro-galvanized, hot dip galvanized, PVC spray, etc.

Advantages of expanded metal:
· Expanded metal is much easier to cut and fold.
· Expanded metal has no weld seams.
· Expanded metal is not limited to fixed grid dimensions.
· Large selection of mesh sizes and styles
· Free cross-section is freely selectable
· No unstable edges

Diamond Opening Expanded Metal Uses: Mainly used for various construction and flooring uses in mechanical protection, platform pedals, road protection, guard rail, residential fence, cut off the workshop, construction scaffolding, handicraft manufacturing, pit slope, outdoor walls, interior ceiling, ship platform pedals, crane pedal, car factory workshop, working platform, oil, chemical plants, power plants and other heavy industries.

Square and Diamond Hole Expanded Metal Mesh for Wire Mesh Enclosures and Cages Panels:

strand width:1.5-8mm

Material – steel, stainless steel, aluminium and others;
Thickness of material;
Hole Description – shape & size;
Type of Pitch – staggered or square;
Margins - dimensions of blank margins if required;
If special sized sheets or shapes are required, detailed drawings must be Supplied;


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