PVC Plastic Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fencing is extensively used as fences for playground and gardens, super highway, railway, airport, port, residence, etc. Also can be used for breeding of animals.

We can supply plastic or vinyl coated chain link fence for export in Green, blue, beige and custom colors. The powder coated steel fence netting is supplied with posts, caps, top rails, tubular line posts and gates with the same treatment. PVC / Plastic /Vinyl coated Chain Link Fence is a kind of flexible woven wire mesh fence. It can be designed with chain link swing or slide gates, barbed wires, razor wire and other accessories to make a system fencing for specific uses.
Property of chain link fence with coating layer: Corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance.

Applications: Plastic or vinyl powder coated chain link fence is mainly used as fences for playground and gardens, super highway, railway, airport, port, residence, etc. Chain link fence is also used in breeding of animals.

PVC Coated Diamond Shape Mesh Chain Link Sports Fence.

Material: Low carbon steel wire, SS wire, Aluminum Alloy wire
Surface finish: Electro+ gal., Hot-dipped gal., PVC coated
Edge Style: Twisted barb edge, Closed edge
Posts: 38mm, 48mm as standard
Hole shape: Diamond
Edge Style: Twisted barb edge, Closed edge.

Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence makes ideal outdoor swimming pool fence panels. The vinyl coating adds more protection for the fence fabric from sunlight, acid water and other outdoor factors. We offers also black coated chain link gates to fit the fence system to make a beautiful yarn for you. With the bright color, black chain link fabric is much suitable for the yards, parks, zoos, pool security fencing, industrial zones compared to galvanized chain fencing and stainless steel chain-link fence. In addition, it costs low than other type materials. Fence materials are galvanized before steel, then plastic coated with black or green or other colors.

Detail specifications as listed below.

PVC Coated  Chain Link Fence

 Electro Galvanized PVC Coated Chain Link Fence ( in Roll), portable:

  1. 3mm( After PVC Coating 1.8mm wire)×5×5cm×1×15m 
  2. 3mm(After PVC Coating 1.8mm wire )×5×5cm×1.8×15m
  3. 3mm( After PVC Coating,2mm wire )×5×5cm×1×15m 
  4. 3mm(After PVC,2mm wire )×5×5cm×1.8×15m
  5. 2.7mm( Before PVC)×5×5cm×1×15m 
  6. 2.7mm( Before PVC)×5×5cm×1.8×15m

 Electro Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Electro. galvanized chain link fence ( in Roll) with no pvc coating:

  1. 2.7mm×5×5cm×1×15m
  2. 2.7mm×5×5cm×1.8×15m
  3. 3mm×5×5cm×1×15m
  4. 3mmx5x5cmx1.8x15m

Wire rolls (price per ton):

  1. 3mm( After PVC)
  2. 2,7mm( Before PVC)
  3. 2.7mm Galvanized
  4. 3mm Galvanized

Chain Link Fence For Decoration

We Offers:
Electro Chain Link Fencing With 7-15G per Square Meter Zinc Coating;
Hot Dipped Galvanized Chain Link FencingWith 35-400G per Square Meter Zinc Coating;
PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing (Green, Black, etc.)

Wire diameter
18# - 13#
16# - 8
1.2 - 2.4mm
1.6mm - 4.2mm
Length of the roll
0.50m - 100m(or more)
Width of the roll
0.5m - 5.0m
Materials and specifications can be made according to customers'detailed requirements.

Chain link fence gate make an important part for perimeter fencing system. It allows pedestrians and autos to go in and out of the enclosed areas or sites conveniently while remains a safe barrier. The gate is usually made of chain link mesh panels made from galvanized steel wire or plastic coated wire, then framed with tubes and fixed with rollers. The chain-link gates are very much used together with chain link fencing for houses, edifices, ranches and farms. Yudemei supplies tie wire, post caps, gate finger, rings and other accessories for installing the gates. We will introduce a 6 step method to form a fencing safety gate with chain link netting below.

Chain link gates can be custom made into a range of styles, gate height and colors. We also mainly walk-in gates, single swing gates, double swing gate, cantilever chain link gates without roller, or with roller.

Installation of Chain Link Fencing Gates:
Step 1: Install the line post and terminal posts by using of tension bands, brace bands and bolts.
Step 2: Attach line post caps. Join the top rail with swaged end. Plain end of the top rail fits into rail end fittings on the terminal post.
Step 3: After assembling framework as above, unroll the chain link netting fabric on the ground along the fence line starting at terminal post.
Step 4: Then slide the tension bar through the last link in the fence fabric and attach this combination to the terminal post using tension band and bolts.
Step 5: Adjustment of mesh netting. If more or less netting fabric is required to span the opening, an additional amount can be connected or removed.
Step 6: The chain link fence netting shall be on the outside face of all posts and loosely attached to the top rail by a tie wire.

The chain-link gates are popularly used together with fences in the following fields:
Fences for houses, edifices, ranches and farms
Boundary fences for sports yards
Football and soccer yards fences
Chicken yards, zoo and gardens etc.

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